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Get incredible results with Amanda Baker.
Amanda Baker
NMLS #1669251
Gershman Mortgage
(314) 458-5566
Get incredible results with Jacob Gould.
Jacob Gould
NMLS #1670713
Gershman Mortgage
(314) 402-0736
Get incredible results with Melissa Mosey.
Melissa Mosey
NMLS #1632942
Gershman Mortgage
(314) 808-6300
Get incredible results with Pete Gianino.
Pete Gianino
NMLS #1612030
Gershman Mortgage
(314) 681-5905
Get incredible results with Andy Schoemehl.
Andy Schoemehl
NMLS #258507
Gershman Mortgage
(314) 221-7797
Get incredible results with Chelsey Sullivan.
Chelsey Sullivan
NMLS #1540881
Gershman Mortgage
(217) 273-9258
Get incredible results with Joe Poropat.
Joe Poropat
NMLS #252932
Gershman Mortgage
(636) 485-4573
Get incredible results with Bill Lally.
Bill Lally
NMLS #1216450
Gershman Mortgage
(314) 497-5037


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Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor is the premier mortgage team in Missouri. The Pinnacle Team was established in 2014 and was founded on the need for a more streamlined residential lending process. Today, the Pinnacle team consists of hand-picked team members representing the industry's most dedicated professionals.
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