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Chris Gianino

46 Reviews
Chris has long been an advocate of improving the residential loan application process. Chris is known as a leader in client service.
2020 Marconi St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 280-5662

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Chris was willing to meet with me late at night when I was available and took my calls even when they were outside of business hours. He took care of everything and made it really simple for me to get the mortgage. ~ Happy Client, Missouri
Chris was delightful to work with and always made sure when I called that he answered his phone if at all possible. I was impressed by his professionalism and attention to all of the details of the process, which are a lot. He was always 1 step ahead so I did not have to worry about the lending side of the transaction. Thanks Chris! ~ Becky Scherzer - Real Estate Consultant at Keller Williams Realty
You guys were awesome, and I appreciate everything you did for me! THANKS!!!! ~ Nicole Crawford
Chris delivered on a tough loan with a tight deadline. He's on top of the process from beginning to end. He knows his business and he cares about his clients. ~ Colleen Lawler - Residential Real Estate Leader
Chris has been providing loans for my real estate clients for several years now, and I am extremely satisfied with his services, as are my clients. Things I look for in a loan officer are good communication skills, integrity, excellent customer service and creativity to find the right loan product. Chris excels at all of these skills. I feel very confident when referring a client to Chris that they will be in good hands for their mortgage needs. ~ Hayley Tomazic - St. Louis Real Estate Broker
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