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Get incredible results with Pete Gianino.
Pete Gianino
Pete Gianino is a rising star in the real estate industry. His knowledge of the individual loan programs is unsurpassed.
Get incredible results with Bill Lally.
Bill Lally
Bill has dedicated his career to improving the residential home loan process. A better lending process means better deals.
Get incredible results with Chris Gianino.
Chris Gianino
Chris has long been an advocate of improving the residential loan application process. Chris is known as a leader in client service.
Get incredible results with Dawn Thompson.
Dawn Thompson
With over 17 years experience in real estate, Dawn is a very exciting addition to Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor.
Get incredible results with Amanda Baker.
Amanda Baker
Amanda is a leading real estate professional. Her experience as a real estate agent and a mortgage originator make her one of the best.
Get incredible results with Melissa Mosey.
Melissa Mosey
Melissa is a rising star in the residential home loan industry. Clients love working with Melissa.
Get incredible results with Jacob Gould.
Jacob Gould
Jacob has over 15 years experience in residential real estate. He is licensed as a real estate agent and loan originator.
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Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor is the premier mortgage team in Missouri. The Pinnacle Team was established in 2014 and was founded on the need for a more streamlined residential lending process. Today, the Pinnacle team consists of hand-picked team members representing the industry's most dedicated professionals.
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